Q: How do I get an Appointment?

A: Most Services are based on the first come first serve concept, therefore all Walk-ins are Welcome.  However If you want to receive one of the more detailed services, such as Micro Infusion, you must first make an appointment.

Q: How Long does it take to have my Weave Sewn In?

A: Most of the Weave packages have a start and completion process of about 2 hours.  The length of time is solely based on the length of the Client's hair, as well as the type of Styling and Packages they receive.


Q: Can I pay for my Service using a Credit Card?

A: Yes, you can Pay for your Services using a Credit Card, we accept all Major Credit Cards to include PayPal.

Q: How Long will My Hair Weave Last?

A: Most Hair Weaves should last 4-6 Weeks without interruption, however this timeline is based solely on the care and day to Day styling by the Client.